Being present and well positioned in the digital environment can greatly facilitate the sale of your company’s products and services.

As digital media marketing lawyers, we help you align your online business with the legal requirements for online marketing

Internet presence and online marketing

The Internet has become a natural medium through which companies promote their products and services as a virtual shop window.

Online marketing encompasses all advertising strategies that are designed and executed through the internet. As expert lawyers in digital media marketing, our advice is aimed at providing legal certainty to businesses that resort to internet advertising and digital media, which is becoming increasingly common even in the most traditional sectors.

Having a good presence on the Internet, being well positioned in search engines, efficient electronic commercial communications and appropriate advertising campaigns through personal channels, allows companies to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. To achieve this, it is necessary to align the implementation of all these digital marketing techniques with current legislation.

Among the different digital marketing techniques or strategies that companies (whether they are SMEs or large companies) can carry out are content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and SEM positioning in search engines, the correct use of tools such as Google Analytics or Google My Business (today Google Business Profile), influencer marketing, online raffles and giveaways, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

Often these strategies are affected in one way or another by existing regulations. For example, the battle for search engine rankings can lead to conflicts with third parties arising from the infringement of trademark rights.

It is common for affiliate marketing, email marketing and email marketing communications in general to raise challenges in terms of personal data protection, advertising, consumer law, information society services and legal regulation of platforms.

It is advisable to use the services of expert lawyers to draft contracts with influencers or the legal texts that must accompany raffles and giveaways.

Services offered by our team of digital media marketing lawyers:

  • Adaptation of email marketing campaigns to data protection regulations and preparation of the relevant legal texts for your e-commerce.
  • Design, formalization, review, interpretation and negotiation of contracts with influencers and influencer agencies for social media marketing.
  • Advising on the preparation and drafting of affiliation contracts between advertisers and affiliates.
  • In general, we advise influencers on how to bring their actions into line with current legislation.
  • Legal advice and defense in Spanish courts in relation to conflicts between SEM positioning keywords and trademarks.
  • Advice on the preparation and drafting of legal terms for competitions, giveaways and raffles on social networks.
  • Legal advice on internet advertising in regulated sectors (alcohol, tobacco, medicines, gambling, etc.) and advertising on videogames.
  • Legal advice in relation to fake reviews posted on Google Business Profile, TripAdvisor and other platforms, etc.

What do we guarantee at Algoritmo Legal as digital media marketing lawyers?

  • Personalized and professional attention.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Subject matter expertise and experience.
  • Optimal and effective preventive legal advice.
  • Legal security.


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