Technical excellence

Excelencia técnica

Ultra specialization based on knowledge, experience and passion.

Algoritmo Legal professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to offer high quality and legal excellence to their clients. But above all they are full of passion because they love their work. In addition, these are professionals accustomed to successfully deal with uncertainty, adaptable and living in constant learning.

We are an ultra-specialized boutique. That is why we know the entrepreneurial ecosystem and we are familiar with innovation and new technologies.

We care about understanding our clients’ business (their business model, their culture, their structure and their risk tolerance, especially). From there we focus on offering a high quality legal service seeking to provide the best customer experience.

We solve the legal problems that raise us with creativity and height. We offer quick and clear answers and innovative solutions that work in practice.

We are bilingual (Spanish and English).



  • Si buscas un abogado especialista en prevenir y resolver problemas legales relacionados con la tecnología, la innovación y la reputación digital, podemos ayudarte.
  • Si nos llamas desde fuera de España menciona el prefijo del país. Por ejemplo: +49 91122233
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