Legal advice on transactions involving hardware and software-related products and services recommends tech contract lawyers who understand the functioning of these technologies and the particular vicissitudes of technology contracts.

As lawyers specializing in tech contracts, we provide you with full legal certainty in the contracting process

Why should you hire a lawyer specialized in tech contracts?

To speak of tech contracts is to speak in a broader sense of IT contracts, technology contracts or new technology contracts.

The application of information technology to the business world has led to the appearance of these contracts characterized by the uniqueness of their products, which are essentially hardware (the set of physical components and material elements of a computer system) and software (the computer’s software or the set of its computer programmes, including the operating system and applications).

What do we offer you as tech contract lawyers?

We help the legal and IT departments of companies and technology entrepreneurs to avoid blind contracting due to a general lack of knowledge about the nature of these contracts. Among other issues, these contracts require precision in aspects as relevant as the scope of product maintenance (preventive, corrective and evolutionary), the transfer of rights, the responsibilities of the parties in the event of non-compliance, the protection of confidentiality and the need for clarity in terms of both IT and legal terminology.

We design, structure, draft, negotiate, analyse and review all types of tech contracts. Negotiate and sign your contracts knowing that your interests will be protected and clearly understanding the risks you are going to assume in the contract.

What specific tech contracts exist?

Experience shows that there is a multiplicity of tech contracts.  As an example, here are some of the contracts that are most commonly used in business and with which we are familiar:

  • Software contracts
    • Software acquisition contracts (software leasing, software licensing and software development)
    • Contracts attached to the acquisition of software (maintenance, escrow, consultancy and training).
    • Software distribution contracts (marketing of user licences, value-added distribution and localiser).
  • Hardware contracts:
    • Purchase and sale of equipment.
    • Equipment rental.
    • Equipment maintenance.
    • Try & Buy.
  • Special tech contracts:
    • IT outsourcing.
    • Systems integration contracts.
    • Back-up.
    • IT audit.
    • Software as a Service contracts (SaaS).
  • Contrats for digital businesses:
    • Website development and design.
    • Domain name transfer.
    • Rental of servers or online space.
    • Provision of internet services.

Why should you choose Algoritmo Legal as law firm of tech contract lawyers?

Firstly, we offer you personalized and high quality legal advice. Secondly, if you ask us to prepare a tech contract for you, our aim will be to provide you with a document that you understand and that is understandable to a person not versed in law (for this we follow the guidelines of legal design and apply clear legal language), that guarantees your interests and that provides you with legal certainty at the time of its execution. Thirdly, if you ask us to review a contract prepared by your counterparty’s legal advisors, we will warn you of the risks and propose alternative contractual clauses, if necessary.

Finally, if you ask us to advise you in the negotiation of a tech contract, we offer you our knowledge, experience and capacity for persuasion and empathy in order to reach an agreement that best protects your rights and interests.


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