We know how important technology is for your business, but we also know the risks it may expose you to.

We are lawyers for defending you in technological disputes

Whether in the courts of justice or in arbitration, we can help you defend your rights and interests, and achieve just compensation for the damages suffered.

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What’s going on?

What happens if the medical diagnosis of a person who makes an artificial intelligence is wrong and, as a result, is prescribed a treatment that kills her? What happens if you cannot access credit because a financial “algorithm” considers you a high-risk subject? What happens if an autonomous car causes an accident and nobody agrees on who is at fault? What happens if a smart contract causes a conflict between the two entities that signed it? What do we do if your profiles on social networks remain active, after your death, against your will? What should you do if a former partner “steals” your business secrets? What happens if an air ticket purchased through the internet is not recorded properly?

The situations mentioned are already occurring and will happen more and more frequently. At Algoritmo Legal we are prepared to advise you, duly, and defend your rights and interests on any of these matters, whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff.

What do we offer you?

  • We collect the digital, technological or electronic evidence necessary and pertinent for the defense of your interests in technological disputes.
  • Legal defense of your inventions, that is, industrial property rights (patents, utility models, trademarks) and intellectual property rights (software, computer programs, databases), before the courts of justice and arbitration. This includes the violation of commercial and industrial secrets, and the disclosure or exploitation without authorization of the owner of such secrets.
  • Management of legal trial and arbitration for liability arising from the implementation of disruptive business models.
  • Management of judicial processes and arbitrations derived from the execution of smart contracts.
  • Management of legal lawsuit and arbitration for liability arising from damage caused by artificial intelligence or robots.
  • Management of judicial processes and defense for matters related to the execution of algorithms considered discriminatory.
  • Management of legal proceedings for liability arising from autonomous car accidents.

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  • If you are looking for a lawyer specializing in preventing and solving legal problems related to startups, venture capital, private equity, innovation, internet, artificial intelligence and blockchain, we can help you.
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