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What is happening with ecommerce?

The digital world is a reality. All around us, more and more companies are getting closer to their customers, linking up with their suppliers, establishing partnerships and, in general, reducing their transaction costs thanks to ecommerce (or e-commerce) business.

The aim is to align companies’ business processes with the internet. To optimize the expected results, this requires certain knowledge and experience in the network, the use of appropriate technological tools and compliance with legal requirements (especially in terms of data protection, e-commerce, electronic signature, online payment methods and consumer and user regulations) as well as the appropriate legal advice in terms of intellectual property law.

Ecommerce lawyers for digital businesses

When we talk about ecommerce business or e-business, we are not necessarily referring to a technology company, but to a business of any nature that uses information and communication technologies to improve its processes and management.

The advantages of developing businesses in an ecommerce format are well known: businesses are usually carried out in real time, which speeds up the payment of invoices, it is easier to get to know customers, the cost of acquiring customers is reduced due to the network economy effect, there is no geographical limit as the market is anywhere in the world, the service can be offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is not necessary to have a physical customer service establishment, etc.

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What legal problems and risks can affect your ecommerce?

Ecommerce business as a way of doing business has clear legal implications and can be affected by the following legal risks:

  • Lack of knowledge of the obligations and responsibilities assumed by information society service providers.
  • Lack of understanding of the legal aspects of ecommerce platforms and marketplaces for products and services.
  • Collaborative economy platforms that violate legislation on transport, tourism, labor, ethics, etc.
  • Infringement of legislation on consumers and users.
  • Lack of knowledge of regulations on trustworthy electronic services.
  • Ignorance of the regulation on online gambling.
  • Non-compliance with personal data protection and privacy regulations.
  • Lack of knowledge of regulations on advertising and digital marketing.
  • Infringements of regulations on unfair competition.
  • Lack of expertise in the negotiation, design and closing of commercial contracts.

What services do we offer you at Algoritmo Legal as ecommerce lawyers?

We offer you personalized and high-quality legal advice in order to start, develop and grow your ecommerce with security and tranquility:

  • Drafting and reviewing the terms and conditions of use of digital platforms and e-commerce.
  • Advice on the electronic contracting process, enhanced customer authentication and application of the European digital payments regulation PSD2.
  • Legal advice on web advertising and online marketing (SEO, SEM, email marketing, affiliation, etc.).
  • Online dispute resolution systems.
  • Advice on identification and identity verification technologies (electronic certificates, electronic signature, digital identity, sovereign identity, biometric profiles, etc.).
  • Design, review and audits of legal notices and data protection and cookie policies.
  • Resolution of domain name disputes (cybersquatting or domain name hijacking).

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