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What’s going on?

The digital world is a reality. Around us, more and more companies approach their customers, link with their suppliers, establish alliances and, in general, reduce their transaction costs thanks to eBusiness solutions. In a globalized market with dizzying changes, incorporating information and communication technologies into business decisions is essential.

Doing e-Business, in a nutshell, means adapting a company’s business practices to the Internet. But this is not as simple as designing a web page or installing a software package. It requires knowledge and experience on the Internet, use of the appropriate technological tools and compliance with the essential legal requirements (especially regarding data protection, electronic commerce, advertising, electronic signature, etc.), as well as the appropriate legal advice on corporate matters, unfair competition, intellectual property law, electronic commerce, electronic signature, prevention of money laundering and commercial contracting, in order to optimize the expected results.

eBusiness and ecommerce activities 

When we talk about eBusiness or an electronic business, it does not necessarily refer strictly to a technology company. It could be a business of any nature that uses new technologies, and especially, information and communication technologies, to improve their processes and management.

The advantages offered by developing a business in e-Business format are innumerable: business is usually carried out in real time, which speeds up the collection of invoices, facilitates full knowledge of the customers, reduces the cost of acquisition of the customers thanks to the effect of the network economy, eliminates geographical limits of action since the market is anywhere in the world, enables 24/7 service, removes the necessity of having a physical establishment for customer service, etc.

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What legal problems and risks could you encounter?

eBusiness and ecommerce as a way of doing business has clear legal implications and can be affected by various legal risks, among which the following should be mentioned:

  • Ignorance of the obligations and responsibilities assumed by information society service providers.
  • Collaborative economy platforms that violate legislation on transport, tourism, labor, ethics, etc.
  • Violation of legislation concerning consumers and users.
  • Ignorance of regulations on electronic trust services.
  • Ignorance of regulations on online gambling.
  • Non-compliance with personal data protection regulations.
  • Ignorance of advertising regulations.
  • Non-compliance with unfair competition regulations.
  • Lack of expertise in the negotiation, design and closing of commercial contracts.

What services do we offer you at Algoritmo Legal?

We offer you personalized and high-quality legal advice in order to start, develop and grow your eBusiness and ecommerce with security and tranquility:

  • Legal advice on online marketing (SEO, email marketing, advertising, etc.).
  • Design and founding of digital franchises.
  • Legal advice on collaborative economy platforms.
  • Participation in due diligence operations.
  • Design and planning of initial public offerings (IPOs).
  • Negotiation, design and development of all types of commercial contracts.
  • Legal advice on the prevention of money laundering.

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