We are caring professionals because we are at the service of our community


One way of returning to society the good that it offers us is by assuming a social commitment with the community, with our community. Algoritmo Legal is available to non-profit entities to offer legal advice in matters of their specialty.

Pro bono requests can be managed in various ways. Social organizations with legal questions that wish to resolve can go directly to our office; this usually occurs when there is a previous personal or professional relationship between the professionals of our firm and those of the non-profit entity. In the same way, our firm may be interested in helping specific NGOs to solve possible legal issues they may have. Through collaboration with local and regional institutions, and chambers of commerce, we also offer basic legal training to entrepreneurs and startups that are in their early stages.

We are the promoters of the publication of the first dictionary of legal terms written in Spanish and in clear language inserted in the renowned portal Lenguaje Jurídico, whose objective is to make the Law available to everyone in a plain language.

We also collaborate with Fundación FUNTESO, where our managing partner is a member of its Advisory Committee, and with the Centro Cultural de Personas Sordas de Madrid (CECUSOR), to whom we offer basic legal training in matters related to digital law and universal accessibility regulations.



  • If you are looking for a lawyer specializing in preventing and solving legal problems related to startups, venture capital, private equity, innovation, internet, artificial intelligence and blockchain, we can help you.
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