Hire business contract lawyers focused on your company’s success. Exercise your freedom of contract with legal certainty, knowing that you have lawyers who are experts in business contracts close to you.

Because technology companies need business contracts lawyers to design useful and understandable contracts that guarantee their interests and protect their rights

Business contracts and the circulation of goods and services

Contracts are configured as legal vehicles for transactions and the circulation of goods and services and are one of the most relevant and oldest instruments of economic traffic.

As a manifestation of the principle of contractual freedom, the parties are free to structure their agreements and arrangements according to their needs and possibilities, because, although the law provides for and regulates certain typical contracts, in practice these may not be in line with the purpose for which the contracting parties intended them.

As lawyers specializing in business contracts, we have technical knowledge and practical experience in designing complex and useful typical and atypical contracts, which guarantee that the contracting party who hires us can act with full security in legal transactions.

Services offered by our team of business contract lawyers:

  • Design, formalization, revision, interpretation and negotiation of all types of business contracts (commercial purchase and sale contracts; partnership contracts; commercial leases; commercial guarantees; financing, financial management and custody contracts; mandate, commercial representation and collaboration contracts; and commercial distribution contracts).
  • Design and drafting of preparatory contracts (pre-contract and option to purchase).
  • Advising on the preparation and drafting of contracts of sale and purchase and their special modalities (sale and purchase away from business premises and distance selling, automatic sale, sale at public auction, hire-purchase of movable goods, etc.).
  • Special cases of multilevel selling and pyramid selling.
  • Legal advice on sales promotion activities.
  • Advice on the preparation and drafting of contracts related to the purchase and sale (exchange, supply, transfer of non-endorsable credit, assignment of contract, etc.).
  • Design and drafting of partnership contracts (joint ventures, partnerships’ agreements, civil partnerships, community of property, etc.).
  • Advice on the preparation and drafting of commercial leasing contracts (provision of services, engineering, outsourcing, merchandising, business leasing, leasing of business premises, etc..).
  • Advice on the preparation and drafting of business guarantees (commercial sureties, letters of sponsorship, credit mandate, commercial pledges, mortgages to secure commercial debts, etc.).
  • Advice on the preparation and drafting of financing, financial management and custody contracts (commercial loan, participating loan, mortgage loan, debt acknowledgement, leasing, renting, factoring, confirming, commercial deposit, etc.).
  • Advising on the preparation and drafting of business commission contracts.
  • Advising on the preparation and drafting of agency contracts.
  • Advising on the preparation and drafting of mediation or brokerage contracts.
  • Advice on business distribution contracts (commercial concession, delegation contracts, etc..).
  • Advising on the granting of representation to the company’s auxiliaries (commercial factor or general agent, dependents and servants).

What does Algoritmo Legal offer you as lawyers specializing in business contracts?

  • Personalized and professional attention.
  • Design of understandable and useful contracts in line with legal design methodology and clear legal language.
  • Persuasive negotiating skills.
  • Flexibility and innovative contracting.
  • Drafting and negotiating complex contracts.
  • Local and international experience and proven expertise in business law and contracts.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Legal advice in accordance with the law.
  • We operate throughout Spain.


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