Are your works as author and your rights over them legally protected? Are your company’s intangible assets adequately protected?

Intellectual property lawyers for the defense of your copyrights

The importance of protecting intellectual property

Intellectual property is the set of rights held by authors and other right holders (artists, performers, producers, broadcasters, etc.) in respect of works created by them. Intellectual property rights exist by their mere creation, without the need for them to be registered in order to be officially recognized.

The intangible assets that constitute a company’s intellectual property are often of great value to the company and their protection is essential to gain a competitive advantage over other competitors in the market. In addition, copyrights can also be assigned or licensed, which translates into extra economic revenue.

The legal advice we offer in intellectual property matters at Algoritmo Legal is aimed at reducing and eliminating legal risks and preventing conflicts, covering needs and planning actions to safeguard your company’s intangible assets and copyrights.

Intellectual property can be subject to sophisticated and difficult to detect threats in the form of electronic piracy. That is why, as intellectual property lawyers, we focus our services on providing full legal coverage for challenges arising from new technologies and unlawful acts that may affect the proper functioning of computer programs (software), phonograms, photographs, works of art and literature, videos and audiovisual recordings. And, of course, we are well prepared to defend all these rights in the courts of law.

What can we do for you and what services do we offer you?

Contractual copyright protection. We design, draft, review and negotiate licensing contracts for the use and assignment of copyright, record contracts, publishing contracts, music contracts, public availability contracts, sponsorship contracts, etc.

Legal protection of software. We protect your software by contract (we elaborate software contracts and escrow contracts) and through the courts in cases of plagiarism, computer intrusion, disclosure of trade secrets and breaches of user licenses.

Reaction to unlawful acts. Defense against infringement of moral rights and exploitation rights. We advise you in the event that someone uses your works without your authorization, plagiarizes them or alters them. And especially when this happens on the Internet, in order to obtain their removal and the corresponding compensation for damages.

Registration of copyrighted works. We handle the registration of rights with the Intellectual Property Registry and other private registries, as well as with the relevant collecting societies.

Minting and sale of NFTs. We help you convert your art into crypto-art with all the legal guarantees. We specialize in blockchain and the tokenization of digital and physical works of art; legal accompaniment throughout the process of selling NFTs in auction houses and buying and selling platforms.

Management and valuation of intangibles. Legal advice on the purchase and sale of companies and investment transactions involving the assignment of copyrights or the presence of similar non-monetary contributions, respectively.

What do we guarantee you as intellectual property lawyers?

  • Personalized and professional advice.
  • Expertise and proven experience.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • We operate throughout Spain.


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