When a crime is committed using a digital medium, electronic evidence, technological research, legal expertise and experience as a cybercrime lawyers become particularly relevant

Cybercrime is not a joke. As cybercrime lawyers we can help you

What are cybercrimes?

The irruption of new technologies (internet, mobile telecommunications, blockchain, artificial intelligence) has led to the appearance of new forms of crime such as phishing (capturing third-party passwords and identity theft), carding (fraudulent use of payment cards), cyberbullying (virtual harassment or cyberbullying), child grooming (sexual harassment of minors), sexting (dissemination of sexual images) or sextortion (sexual harassment of minors), cyberbullying (virtual harassment or cyberbullying), child grooming (sexual cyberbullying of minors), sexting (dissemination of images with sexual content) or sextortion (demanding money in exchange for not disseminating compromising personal images), among others.

These cybercrimes these cybercrimes are characterized by the difficulty in identifying the author due to the increasingly sophisticated anonymization techniques used by cybercriminals; by their cross-border nature, which makes it difficult to find evidence in both police and judicial investigations; and by the great repercussion and impact they can produce due to the rapid dissemination of certain criminal conduct through social networks, instant messaging systems and the internet in general.

What are the most common cybercrimes?

The most common cybercrimes include the following:

  • Computer scam
  • Crypto-asset scams (bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, NFTs and any type of token).
  • Crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets (hacking and other forms of computer intrusion).
  • Computer damage crimes (infection with viruses, worms, Trojans; introduction of malware, rootkits, etc.).
  • Cyber-bullying crimes.
  • Threatening behavior on social media.
  • Child pornography on the Internet.
  • Crimes of slander and libel on the Internet.
  • Crimes against intellectual property.

What do we at Algoritmo Legal offer you as cybercrime lawyers?

  • Personalized, transparent and professional attention.
  • Assistance throughout the judicial process.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Exhaustive analysis of the situation of our client in order to obtain the best possible result before the courts of justice, whatever their situation may be.
  • We define the line of defense or prosecution, safeguarding the interests of our clients at all times.
  • Legal assistance in accordance with the law.
  • We operate throughout Spain.
  • 24/7 contact with your expert cybercrime lawyers.


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