New technologies (internet, metaverse, blockchain, etc.) can be used in many different ways to distort the proper functioning of the market, to the detriment of businesses and consumers.  In such a world, unfair competition lawyers become necessary.

As lawyers who specialize in unfair competition law, we can help you

Lawyers specialized in unfair competition law

Every entrepreneur has the right to expand the scope of his business and the circle of his customers by competing freely in the market, i.e. by competing on merit, according to criteria of efficiency and not by engaging in behavior that suppresses or restricts competition.

As unfair competition lawyers, we offer legal advice to companies and individuals (consumers) who have been affected by acts or practices of unfair competition, such as acts of confusion, misleading omissions, acts of denigration, misleading promotional practices, acts of impermissible comparison, acts of exploitation of another’s reputation, acts of inducement to breach of contract, violation of trade secrets, covert commercial practices, acts of discrimination, pyramid selling practices, loss leader sales, illegal advertising or aggressive practices, etc.

Services offered in the field of unfair competition:

  • Legal advice and defense before the courts for acts of unfair competition (acts of deception, acts of confusion, misleading omissions, acts of denigration, acts of unlawful comparison, acts of imitation, industrial espionage, violation of trade secrets, etc.).
  • Legal defense against competitors who unfairly disparage your company on the internet.
  • Legal defense against the violation of industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, etc.) and intellectual property (copyrights; inducement to breach of contracts for the provision of services or supplies and of software-related works contracts, etc.).
  • Legal defense for unauthorized use of your trademark in search engines (formerly AdWords, now Google Ads)
  • Legal advice if you have been a victim of cyber-squatting or cyber-piracy of domain names.
  • Legal defense against the exploitation of another’s reputation through the misuse of hyperlinks and frames.
  • Legal defense against competitors who design and use websites with names that match or are similar to your trademarks or company names.
  • Legal advice and defense in court for the publication of false reviews on Google Business Profile (formerly, Google My Business), Tripadvisor and other marketplaces.
  • Legal defense against practices of extracting confidential information from websites to display it on other websites (screen-scraping techniques).
  • We carry out investigations into companies suspected of unfair competition against your company. We work with specialized private detectives.
  • Drafting contracts and other legal documents to protect trade secrets.
  • Consumers and users protection against unfair commercial practices.
  • Issuance of opinions and second opinions.

What do we guarantee at Algoritmo Legal?

  • Personalized and professional attention.
  • Clear services and transparent fees.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Legal assistance in accordance with the law.
  • We operate throughout Spain.


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