Identify market niches and build scalable and profitable business models in the legal sector. Invest in the legal sector knowing that you will get a return. We invite you to learn about our LegalTech consulting service.

LegalTech lawyers for you to invest in the legal sector with the guarantee of a return

Legaltech lawyers: consulting

What is happening in the legal sector?

When technology produces an improvement in the provision of legal services (offered by lawyers, notaries, solicitors) or generates progress in access to justice, we can say that we are dealing with a legaltech solution or legal technology.

Our LegalTech consulting service is aimed at entrepreneurs (lawyers, companies that create products and services for the legal sector) interested in launching a legal technology project, and investors (investment funds, business angels and companies wishing to invest in the legal services industry) interested in supporting or financing them.

What services do we offer you as LegalTech lawyers?

We are LegalTech experts. We help you discover the great possibilities that legal technology offers to the legal sector, which includes the use of artificial intelligence, smart contracts, digital evidence and marketplaces, among other tools. We are lawyers and we practice law; that is why we know how Justice works inside, what the needs of lawyers are, and what clients are looking for. And in addition, we understand technology because we work in the intersection of Law and technology.

-Services for entrepreneurs in the legal sector:

  1. Advice with the goal of achieving the best value proposal of the legaltech business model.
  2. Analysis of the market of legal startups and of the competition that may affect the proposal.
  3. Comparative study on similar foreign proposals (particularly those arising in the United States of America, Europe and Latin America).
  4. Advice on tools, trends and status of legal technology in Spain and the rest of the world.
  5. Training, workshops and theoretical-practical talks about legaltech.

-Services for investors in the legal sector:

  1. Due diligence of legal startups.
  2. Testing of legal technology tools and verification of the product-market fit.
  3. Market analysis of legal and competitive startups.
  4. Advice on trends, tools and status of legal technology in Spain.
  5. Identification of automated legal niches (legal engineering).

Legaltech lawyers: consulting


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