The technical nature and the highly specialized nature of the operations carried out in the financial and stock market require the presence of lawyers who are experts in capital markets law.

Specialists in legal advice on the advertising of crypto-assets presented as investment objects, tokenization of financial instruments registered on a blockchain, investor protection, IPOs and collective investment institutions

What is the capital market?

From an economic and financial point of view, the capital market is a multilateral system that brings together, for the purpose of transactions, the various buying and selling interests in securities, i.e. the demanders of funds (issuers of certain financial instruments, whether fixed income or equities) and the suppliers of funds (purchasers of such financial assets).

Capital market law can be defined as the set of legal rules that regulate the institutions involved in this market, the assets that are specific to it, and the transactions that are carried out within it. It therefore comprises:

1) The study of the general legal framework of the capital market.

2) The study of the instruments traded on this market: tradable securities such as shares, bonds and debentures, etc. and soon financial instruments registered on a DLT / blockchain.

3) The study of the players involved in the capital market.

4) The study of the operations (contracts) carried out.

From a legal point of view, this economic-financial reality presents two types of relations: the one between the specialized operators of this market and their clients (which are governed by commercial and civil law) and the one between the specialized operators of this market and the public administration that submits them to discipline (which are governed by the rules of administrative law).

Services offered as capital markets lawyers specializing in crypto-assets, tokenization of financial instruments, company IPOs and regulation of collective investment schemes:

  • Legal advice to startups and other companies during the process of admission to trading of their securities on an official secondary market (IPO).
  • Legal advice on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Public Offerings for Subscription of Shares.
  • Legal advice on the tokenization of crypto-assets considered as financial instruments.
  • Drafting of the prospectus and white paper for the issuance of tokens as financial instruments and legal assistance in the STO process.
  • Legal advice on crypto-assets advertising  presented as investment objects.
  • Request for consultations, filing of complaints and management of procedures before the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the Bank of Spain.
  • Legal advice for investment in the collective capital market (collective investment schemes), including legal assistance to real estate investment companies and real estate investment funds interested in real estate asset tokenization activities.

What do we guarantee at Algoritmo Legal as expert lawyers in the capital markets?

  • Participate and operate in the capital market with legal certainty and all legal guarantees.
  • Subject matter expertise and experience.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Personalized and professional attention.
  • We operate throughout Spain.


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