In order to improve service delivery and expand their customer base, hotels, hoteliers, travel agencies and other businesses in the tourism sector are undergoing a digital transformation process.

If you are looking to make a difference in the sector with digital proposals, as lawyers specializing in tourism, we can help you to make your innovative business models viable and legally secure

Companies in the tourism sector

Tourism is offered by a multitude of companies and operators, including hotels, hostels, flats, campsites and rural houses; catering and hotel companies; companies dedicated to adventure and nature tourism; and travel agencies.

The tourism sector is also related to air, sea and land transport companies, insurance companies providing insurance and travel assistance, trade fairs, events, exhibitions and congresses, religious tourism, etc.

There is therefore a variety of business models that can be articulated around one of the most important industries in the Spanish and European economy in general. It is also a sector in which there is a high level of competition due to the abundant and diverse range of tourism services on offer.

Having specialized tourism lawyers close to you will allow you to understand the applicable tourism and sectoral regulations (in Spain, tourism regulations are regional), comply with all legal requirements and, especially, operate with full legal certainty when you digitalize and innovate in your business models.

Digital transformation of the tourism sector

Tourism is one of the most important economic flow activities and has a major impact on employment, production, income distribution and public investments.

Companies operating in the tourism sector must adapt their service offerings to make them attractive and personalized to consumers and build customer loyalty, if they do not want to be left behind. This explains why many of these companies have embraced digital transformation and the use of new technologies in their sales channels, the way they relate to their customers and improve the user experience, payment methods, etc.

The use of the internet and of gamification are an example of this. In addition, synergies have emerged between tourism and artificial intelligence and the internet of things that offer innovative experiences to the tourist consumer. Even blockchain technology and the metaverse are beginning to be present in tourism and catering, certifying the authenticity and the production chain of products and services and improving the immersive tourism experience..

As expert lawyers in tourism and innovation, we offer tourism companies and entrepreneurs willing to take a step forward in their sector, the legal advice they need to implement their technological and digital solutions with full legal certainty.

What services do we offer you as tourism lawyers?

  • Legal advice during the digitalization process of the tourism company (legal issues of electronic contracting, application of the European digital payment regulation PSD2, the regulation of P2B platforms, etc.).
  • Drafting of terms of use and conditions for websites and apps of travel agencies, tour operators and tour operators.
  • Advice on the negotiation of financing rounds for startups in the sector.
  • Business contracts for tourism companies.
  • Tax planning of tourism investments.
  • Internationalization of tourism businesses.
  • Legal protection of innovative gastronomy  and the culinary arts.


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