Protect your digital identity and defend your online reputation.

In the digital age, data and digital identity (how you are represented in the online world) are the most valuable assets of companies and individuals.

On the other hand, digital reputation (how others perceive you on the Internet – that is, your prestige, your ability to influence and the value of your brand and business secrets in the market) will be the guarantee of your professional success and business continuity.

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What’s going on?

  • Almost all the people and companies in the world are represented online; that is, they have a digital identity. As of 2020, the virtual population in the world will outnumber the population of the earth.
  • The use of the Internet and, in general, of new technologies represents a serious threat to the right to honor of individuals and legal entities.
  • Online libel and slander campaigns directed against politicians, soccer players, actors and actresses, and other famous people are increasingly common in social networks. Digital lynchings are starting to become frequent.
  • Acts of corporate denigration (libel, false, inaccurate and impertinent statements that undermine the credit of a company) and damage to reputation and business prestige are frequent and increasingly sophisticated.

As a consequence of the technological revolution, the value of a company also depends on the intangible assets that it has since these will make the company distinguish itself in the market from its competitors. These assets help to increase the commercial value of the company, improve its profitability in the future and guarantee its competitiveness in the market against competitors. Therefore, business reputation is related to the due protection of business intangibles.

What legal problems could you encounter?

  • That your prestige and professional reputation become stained in social networks, blogs, forums or any other digital medium (including “troll” attacks) or you become victims of cyber rumors.
  • Someone insults or falsely imputes the committing of a crime online (slander and defamation).
  • Someone steals and impersonates your digital identity to take advantage of it to your detriment.
  • Information about your person that is outdated, obsolete or lacking in public interest appears and is disseminated in Internet search engines.
  • That an intimate photograph of you is published on the web without your consent.
  • That a company creates and advertises a web page with a domain name identical or similar to your brand, business name, or company name (cyber piracy or cybersquatting).
  • That the text of your web page is copied -without your authorization- to put it on another website owned by a third party.
  • That a competitor carries out denigrating or deceptive comparative advertising to the detriment of your company.
  • That a third party uses the name of your brand as “keywords” in Internet search engines in order to attract customers or show sponsored links, taking advantage of your business prestige.
  • That a third party intends to claim the ownership of your brand or any other intangible asset of your property.

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What do we offer you?


We offer you personalized legal advice and defense in any situation. Our legal services are aimed at individuals and companies that have suffered damage to their identity and online reputation, either as a consequence of civil or commercial infractions, or have been victims of crimes committed on the Internet.

Our goal is to eliminate offensive and degrading content that affect your company or your person, as well as achieve the cessation, prohibition, removal and rectification of acts of unfair competition of omission, confusion, denigration, imitation, comparison or exploitation of your reputation, at the same time ensuring that you obtain a compensation for the damages and losses suffered.

What are we good at?

We are specialists in:

  • Cybercrimes against intimacy, honor and self-image.
  • Computer crimes (computer scams, computer damage, computer intrusion, digital identity theft).
  • Civil protection of personality rights.
  • Cancellation of personal data in the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD) and the Courts of Justice.
  • Legal proceedings for acts of unfair competition committed in a digital environment.
  • Crimes of unfair competition: corporate espionage and violation of business secrets.
  • Claims of quantity for infractions to industrial property rights and intellectual property rights.
  • Procedures for claiming and recovering domain names.

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