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We anticipate risks and solve complex problems in business, internet and tech


Legal advice on innovation

Achieve legal certainty in your business and technology projects.

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Legal defense of your identity and online reputation

We protect your prestige, honor, image, brand and trade secrets.

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e-Business legal consulting

Optimize your business on the Internet in compliance with relevant legal frameworks.

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Tech startups 

We assist and accompany you throughout the process of running your startup

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Defense in technological disputes

In court or in arbitration, we can help you defend your rights and interests.

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Legaltech consulting

Invest in the legal industry knowing that you will get a return.

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Disruptive technologies

AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, drones, augmented reality, etc.

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Legal environment of the Internet and online reputation

E-commerce, injury to reputation on the Internet, domain names, etc.

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Privacy and data protection

Anonymization, pseudonymization, privacy by default, privacy by design, etc.

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Intellectual property

Software contracts, computer programs, trade secrets, patents, trademark, etc.

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Startups, franchise agreements, IPOs, unfair competition, etc.

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Marketplaces, automation, chatbots, legal research, analytics, etc.

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